Important Questions about WordPress SEO Answered

WordPress is the strongest candidate among other content management systems for which SEO is done. Main reason is the ease of use that makes WordPress something the developers and website owners are fascinated by. To develop a website in WordPress, the user doesn’t need to have advanced knowledge about coding. This is the reason that about 25% of top websites of the world are built on WordPress platform.

Ease of use, besides being the brightest feature of WordPress, also prompts the users to temper with the things they really shouldn’t; i.e. the on page SEO of the website. If anything goes wrong from this perspective, the success and marketability of the website gets affected.

Below are some most common myths and questions about WordPress Chiropractic SEO that definitely need to be answered.

Is WordPress an optimized platform for SEO?

It’s definitely a straight NO. Although the WordPress CMS is highly search engine friendly, you will need to do the manual SEO work yourself. The only reason for the popularity of this myth is that different vendors tend to prove a selling point to business owners.

Does SEO Plugin do Entire SEO Job?

Many people believe that installing an SEO plugin can do entire SEO work for a WordPress based website. It is an absolutely wrong concept. SEO is a process, not a button. There is consistent work required with the SEO of a website in order to make the website climb search engine ranks. All you can do with your SEO plugin is to configure it correctly and use it occasionally. It wouldn’t do the whole job for you but it will help in the process.

On what grounds an SEO plugin should be chosen?

While finding an SEO plugin for the website, keep in mind the following points.

  • Make sure that plugin is compatible to the technology used in the development of your website. Moreover, find out with the help of some research if the plugin would remain to be compatible in future.
  • Search in the forums and read people questions and their answers. Make sure that developers of plugin respond to the issues promptly.
  • Popularity of the plugin matters a lot. Check how many people have downloaded the plugin you are about to download. Also check the users’ rating.
  • The only way to ensure that plugin would be further developed in the future is to look at its history. If the team has updated and revised the plugin quite a few times, they are definitely going to do it again in order to make it better.

Is it Safe to Work with Free WordPress Themes?

Although there is wide range of free WordPress themes, one has to look for the ones that don’t hurt website’s SEO. There are certain factors that should be looked for while selecting a free theme.

  • Make sure that the theme you are about to use doesn’t promote any other website or service. It’s fine to use the theme if it allows you to remove existing links.
  • The WordPress themes that are updated to create compatibility with future WordPress releases can be harmful from SEO perspective.
  • Read user reviews about the theme you are going to use. That would help you explore the theme from different angles.

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